Listing Input Sheets

Single Family Residential/Condo/Coop - (Updated January 2020)

Multi-Family(2 - 4 units) - (Updated January 2020)

Vacant Land - (Updated January 2020)

Commercial/Industrial/Investment/Office - (Updated January 2020)

Business - (Updated January 2020)

Rental - (Updated January 2020)

FHA Compliance Certification

Coming Soon - (Updated February 2020)

If you have been instructed to withhold the Owner's Name and/or Phone number, you must complete this addendum as well.

Change Form (same for all property types) - (Updated 11/05/14)

Listing Commission Agreement

The NJ Attorney General's Memorandum was revised August 2018. Due to the length of the document, it is no longer possible to include it as part of the Listing/Commission Agreement. Instead, you should download and print a copy. NJ AG Memorandum 2018

Assignment Request Form

Housing for Older Persons Listings

A listing may be designated as a Housing for Older Persons ("HOP") listing through use of the "55+ FHA Compliant" field on the listing input sheet.  A listing may not be designated as an HOP listing unless the listing broker has made a diligent effort to confirm compliance with all applicable federal and state fair housing laws and regulations.  The remarks section of an HOP listing should specify the particular age restriction applicable to the property (i.e.; 62+, 55+).  An HOP listing must include an FHA compliance certification.  The FHA compliance certification must be signed by an authorized representative of the applicable housing facility or community for a new (i.e, new construction or conversion) HOP property, but may be signed by the property owner(s) in the event of a resale of an HOP property.

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